From idea to finished product

We help businesses solve problems with well crafted software.

We love to build tools by experimenting and learning from the feedback. Maybe you have heard about the Agile practices, the Lean startup ideas and other new forms of enterpreneurship. Our organisation form is hybrid and agile.

This website is in continious development. So what you see today, can be lost tomorrow.


Sourcelab Status

Monitor your cloud services

We are currently working on a service for monitoring hosting servers. We are starting with DirectAdmin. We developed this service for our own use about two years ago. Now we are changing this, so you can use it from Q3 this year.


Administration system for small hosting parties

We used to have our own hosting fascility. About 15 years ago this was great fun. When we had these machines in a co-location and had to do maintenance at night. We created a simple, but effective administration system. It was for our own use. It has some basic administration features for hosting and domain-registration. Also it pings the server every day for some administration infomation (Sourcelab Status).

Now we are in the process of making this a product (better interface, more functionality). We expect the first stable version early August 2018.

We missed information

Our mission is to create insight. There is so much information available, that it is hard to get the right information at the right time and in the right format. Our products our aimed to provide the right insights and information.

No worries

We make use of the major cloud-providers in the world. Our services are monitored 24/7 and will not let you down.

Low to no cost

Since we are in development of our first product, we offer the ALPHA services the first year for free.



We create insightful dashboards. On demand we can amend our dashboards to your needs and integrate them into your application landscape.


We offer several agile trainings and lectures. Contact us for detailed information.


We are great in organising community events. More to come.


Memory Group is the market leader in The Netherlands in the field of labour market communications with graduated students, starters and young professionals.

Impact presentations is a professional full service marketing agency.


We missed information

In over than twenty years of being in business, we missed great dashboarding and insight.

We love coding

We always loved coding and creating. We have used many programming languages.

Passion for technology

Enough said!