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From Idea to Finished Product

Design Thinking, prototyping and professional development. We are here to release your idea as an online software product.

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Customer Focussed Processes

Your customer deserves the best user experience. We are the best in designing online customer-centric processes.

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Team Centered HR Management Software

We develop tools and our focus is on HRM tooling which is Team Centered. If you are in need and would like to collaborate with us, feel free.

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Training and Workshops (Academy)

We love sharing our experience with the community. If you would like to share, we are happy to facilitate.

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Big Data (ETL)

We all need our dashboarding. We are experts in pulling data from everywhere and presenting it in a user-friendly and tailored environment.

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Facilitated Nearshoring

We assemble the optimal remote IT teams, assisting our customers to create great results involving our excellent IT professionals

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Information Security

This service is classified, please contact us for more information.

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Case studies

Investment Giro onboarding
Free Group Pictures
Human Design research platform
Investment Giro onboarding

Client profile

Name: Investment Giro onboarding
Technologies: TypeScript, Node.js, Nest.js, React, PostgreSQL, Playwright


Onboarding of new clients in the financial industry is a delicate topic. For our client Allshare we created a white-label solution for onboarding clients for an Investment Giro solution. The screens, questions and weight factors for the risk-profile are all customizable. Of course, as it is a white label solution, the color scheme, background and logo is also easily adjustable via an administrative entrance. During the registration process the first payment could be made and a direct debit created. For the payment integration we used Buckaroo for the Dutch Market. For the MultiFactor Authentication we integrated Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C. When the account was created and approved in the core banking system of Allshare (eBankview), the client will gain access to the investment portfolio. Allshare provides a very advanced core banking platform. Our solution will use those facilities to provide the right experience to the users.

Free Group Pictures

Client profile

Name: Free Group Pictures
Technologies: Scala, Play framework, Vue.js, PostgreSQL


Memory Group is the organization behind the platform and the fair “De nationale carrierebeurs” in The Netherlands. They also provide Group Pictures for Graduates for free. Sourcelab developed an advanced CRM and planning system for all the connected educational institutes and the photographers. The photographers can use the system during the photoshoot to register the students, so they can receive the photos.

Human Design research platform

Client profile

Name: Human Design research platform
Technologies: React, TypeScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Type ORM, HTML, CSS


This is a huge and sophisticated research platform which contains an extensive database in regards to Human Design. The software is able to read the Human Design chart and generate a Purpose Paper out of the large database, with the use of an advanced algorithm. Coaches in Human Design can promote their skills on this platform and coachees are able to register and plan several meetings with their coach. From a technical aspect there is an integration with Stripe, Wise and Zoom.

Agile and continuous delivery


Crafting software is an iterative process. Along the way there are many new insights. Therefore it is hard to specify all the work far upfront. Let us become your partners here. We are masters in Design Thinking, Drafting Functional Specs and Lo-Fi User Journeys.


For many years the software industry has been working on solutions to bridge this issue. Design Thinking, Scrum, Kanban and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery are amazing steps in the right direction.


At Sourcelab, we define ourselves as a hub for software craftsmanship. Together we are part of the never-ending journey to improve ourselves and inspire others along the way. We believe that writing code is the easiest part of the process. Understanding the business value and doing what is most important at the moment makes a difference.


Already from the ideation phase we become a part of your team and we iterate together with you to cover the Design Thinking steps in order to create the User Journey and User Stories.


The development team can start working on the highest prioritized tasks.

We strongly believe in Kanban and Continuous Delivery.

Our Design Thinking team, Development team and Quality team are working according to the Lean principles. Are you ready to join our high performing team?

continuous delivery

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